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Zerol Bevel gear is in essence a special type of spiral bevel gear. It is actually a spiral bevel where the spiral angle is of zero degree. It shows both the characteristics of straight and spiral bevel gears. Though Zerol Bevel gear tooth are curved, but they lie in the same direction as compared to the teeth of straight bevel gears. In case of Zerol Bevel gears, the face cone elements do not actually pass via pitch cone apex, instead, they are almost parallel to the root cone elements of a mating gear. This provides for an uniform tooth clearance.

Bevel Gears of the type Zerol and spiral are cut on the same type of machines with similar circularface-mill cutters. Further for grinding also same grinding machines are applied. Both these Gears are manufactured with localized tooth contact that can be easily managed for width, length width and shape.

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